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Are you tired of feeling exhausted?

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Frustrated feeling as if you have fallen into a rut?

If so, then make sure to read this short blog by our personal trainers at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle.

Research carried out by the University of Cambridge England has revealed today that about 676,000 deaths each year were down to inactivity, compared with 337,000 from carrying too much weight.

Experts have said that getting everyone to do at least 20 minutes of activity a day would have substantial benefits. Making such a simple change and eliminating inactivity in Europe would have the ability cut mortality rates by nearly 7.5%, or 676,000 deaths, a huge reduction we are sure you would agree.


But one thing our personal trainers at health1stgym Slaytford Newcastle think this study is missing,

Is first we need to help these people to move well then we need to encourage them to move often.

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Just think of it this way building a house on a poor foundation will lead to problems in later years, getting people to move more on poor biomechanical alignments may lead to more problems in later years.

Our personal trainers at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle highly agree that we all need to move more, but as physical therapist Gray Cook says “first move well then move often”. We are always encouraging our clients to spread the word to family members and friends to increase their activities, may be you know someone that may benefit from our service.


By making simple changes to our movement and daily activities we can increase our life expectancy.

Our personal trainers are here at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle to improve the health and fitness of the north east.

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