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Trevor Rutherford and team of exercise coaches are serving Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding communities.
Trevor has been working in the field of soft tissue injuries and rehabilitation for over 12 years. He is a Massage therapist and Bowen therapist also specializing in clinical, therapeutic, orthopedic and sports massage. He is a CHEK practitioner level 2 (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) and certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) and Functional Movement Screen (FMS).
His professional experience working with a diverse clientele includes training and massage therapy for optimal health, injury or post-surgery rehabilitation, injury prevention and athletic performance. Trevor has previously owned his own professional fitness facility for 15 years with great success in helping others achieve their fitness and performance goals, some achieving professional status.
Trevor holds an HND in Sports Science and is a Certified Myoskeletal Therapist through the Freedom from Pain Institute, a certified Golf Biomechanic through the CHEK institute, an Active Isolated Stretching practitioner and certified in Gray Cooks Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).
Trevor has achieved all of the above despite having bone cancer at aged 16 and overcoming losing a limb at 18.
Trevor is driven to learn all that he can within the field of corrective exercise, soft tissue rehabilitation and nutrition. He is continually attending courses and seminars from the leaders in the field of exercise, massage and nutrition to improve his techniques to help improve you.
Trevor has recently opened new fitness facility called Health1stGym, why?
Trevor and the team want to improve the quality of the fitness industry.
Unfortunately, most group exercise is very general and poorly instructed leading to an increase in injury rates.
We are setting ourselves apart from the rest by doing the right thing for you.
Our mission at Health1stGym is to improve the quality of the fitness industry.
Improving and changing lives, helping you to help yourself

The Crew

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    Agnieszka Chojnacka

    From a young age I had an interest in sports and dance. This led me to a Dance Degree and the fitness industry. I have worked in a number of sport facilities, coaching different social groups and ages. As an instructor, I have noticed that people cannot fully perform and enjoy their activities due to a variety of pains and physical dysfunctions. As a supporting technique, I have introduced my clients to corrective exercises and massage. This I believe is a crucial component in correcting mobility and body alignment.

    During this time I developed my interest in pain free function. When I became a Sports Therapist, I discovered that massage was a missing key to long term, pain free movement and a really significant part of my coaching. I researched mobility improvement in athletics and dance for my degree.

    My hobby and passion is body fitness which led me to compete in my first fitness show in 2014.

    If you’re passionate about moving well, feeling great and feeling the best you can, call and book a free 15 minutes informal chat with me and we will see how we can get you on the road to wellness.




  • Jack Walton
    Functional Trainer

    Back in 2008 I was looking for a new qualification in bodywork and I came across the Bowen Technique. It was great to be adding this work to my practitioner toolbox along with nutrition and corrective exercise, but for my own health it was also going to prove priceless too! Looking back, I see that whilst considering myself fit and healthy and enjoying training and challenging activities like fell running and climbing, there were some symptoms and niggles that were becoming a concern. Adding the structural alignment bodywork into my approach began to unwind old injuries like sprained ankles and postural issues and I felt a lot stronger and was moving much freer than I ever had. I enjoy sharing a system of Nutrition, Bodywork, Corrective Exercise and newly added Primal moves fundamentals exercises with clients that enable them to achieve the same results as I have. We have also developed a systemised approach to assessment, intervention and referral that is invaluable for our patients and clients to ensure they are getting the most effective and appropriate service. I enjoy sharing my story and knowledge with my clients especially because it highlights how much of a learning process building health really is and we’re all on that journey.

  • steve
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    Steve Dobb
    Movement Specialist

    Steve is a movement specialist and works with a complete range of clientele from people with chronic pain to athletes competing at international level. The variety in his training allows him to work effectively with almost everyone to help reduce pain, increase performance or just improve the way an individual moves. By assessing the way someone moves and the efficiency of their body Steve is able to identify where problems lie and formulate how to correct them.

    What to expect when working with Steve Steve’s sessions are far more interactive than traditional physiotherapy or massage sessions and client interaction is very important. You are encouraged to take an active part in your rehabilitation and you will go away with an understanding of what has been found and some specific homework to address this problem. There is no generic exercise prescription here, it is all individual as everyone is wonderfully different. We aim to empower you helping you restore pain-free movement and we find that the greater the understanding that you have the better the results.

    If you feel like Steve may be able to help with your problems, or you would like to have a no-obligation chat with him, then please get in touch.

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    Paula Esson

    I have a colourful background in sports science/ injury and basketball coaching. Becoming a Bowen Therapist and then Teaching for the European College of Bowen Studies for 12 years (specialists in fascial anatomy) I am now focused on contributing to and changing health care in the North East for the benefit of each individual. I am passionate about “whole health” and the complex elements that can contribute to a person’s life being compromised either through injury, life experiences, pain, illness and circumstance. I am motivated by the experience a person has with us and take great joy from witnessing progress and healing.
    The real work is right here.
    Allow us to introduce you to the Anatomy in Motion. It enhances your movement, prevents injuries and addresses long-term muscular skeletal conditions that effect the quality of your day to day activities. Your Anatomy in Motion practitioner will correct the whole way your body moves by breaking down and building up your anatomy step by step. Anatomy in Motion is a corrective, rehabilitation and sports performance treatment that focuses on the underlying inhibitions and faults in your skeletal structure and we are more than happy to bring it to the north east at Health1stGym.

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