Been seeing Trevor for a few years on and off now - seen physios, massage therapists, osteopath etc - none of them managed to effectively diagnose and treat my lower back/hip muscular issue like he does.

Jonny Moore

Hi Trevor, just a quick word to say that my back is a work in progress but my knee is so much better. For the first time in years I can run up stairs. Thanks for your help. You obviously know your stuff. I'll recommend to friends


I've known Trevor for many years now, and visit him regularly having steel plates fitted to either side of my lower spine the top of my back, neck and shoulders compensate for them. He has always done a fantastic job and sorted my aches and pains out. TOP man !!! Knows his stuff !!

Micheal Adams

I have participated in sports and physical fitness for over four decades, and during this time I have received treatment for my injuries and received coaching for my training programme from practitioners in both the U.K. and the U.S.A.. Trevor Rutherford is a wonderfully gifted therapist and trainer who has helped me attain terrific results with my injuries and with my fitness regime. Trevor is one of those rare practitioners who has an intuitive sense of how the body works. Coupled with his thorough and methodical screening system, he was able to direct the appropriate course of treatment for me and compliment that with a thoughtful and well-designed conditioning programme.

One of the great benefits I experience in seeing Trevor is the opportunity to work with just one professional for a comprehensive and holistic approach to my needs versus my having to stitch together the protocols of a few disconnected specialists. I cannot overstate how important it is for me to understand what and why a particular treatment is being used for me, as well as knowing the why and how behind the rehabilitation and conditioning exercises I am given. Trevor is a master educator who makes every step of the process easy to understand and therefore much easier to comply with, thus leading to super results. I should say that I am a complicated case, and Trevor has been phenomenally patient and persistent at untangling my years of poor body mechanics and setting me on a path to success; he’s been a blessing .


Laura Robson

Trevor worked his magic on my excruciating neck pain...would never see anyone else!


Trevor gave first class service to my Mother who had been crippled with back pain. After two massages she was able to move freely, thanks for the help.

Lisa Seferi

I've been seeing Trevor for a few years now and don't know where I'd be if I hadn't met him, I was climbing walls in pain he's sorted out various injuries and carpal tunnel which I was having injections for and now no longer need,his knowledge on diet and health is immense and I highly recommend his treatments Lisa pure bliss beauty salon , Fulwell Sunderland, Tyne & Wear