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There is nothing worse than committing to yourself and your goals and having setbacks due to injuries or being on the wrong program for your goals. Our personal training staff at Health1stGym Slatyford Newcastle see this alot…read on and let me tell you a few stories about others we have work with and helped.

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 Debbie and Dave where sitting in their sitting room watching the latest health and dieting TV program. Talking and looking at themselves they decide to take action and make this summer better than last, they hit the internet to see what’s available within their area.

They soon realise there’s a lot available and became confused on what to do and where to go.

They decide to base their decision on budget and convenience; they chose a local boot camp and made a date to start. They made plans to sort out their workout gear and both realised that they have nothing that fits, Debbie is quick off to the shops to buy her new trainers and workout gear and happy to find a T-shirt and some joggers for Dave.

They both turn up early to the exercise class and greeted by the friendly instructor and given some basic advice, as the class gets under way they both start to feel how out of shape they are but not wanting to let the others in the group down they push through and finish the class.

They both slowly walk back to their car with a few aches and pains, Debbie feeling penalty of buying new trainers with blisters on both heels. Once in the house they both flop down in their chairs and wonder if this is good for them.

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Debbie and Dave wake the next morning feeling like they have been hit by a bus, bending down to put on their socks and shoes is agony, they wonder how they are going to make through the day as they make their way down the stairs, they are also wondering how they can perform that class again.


Does this sound familiar to you?

Have you experienced aches and pains like Debbie and Dave?

Do you know what this is doing to you?

Do you know how to overcome this?

In the next few blogs health1stgym, slatyford Newcastle will reveal all!!!!!!!!!