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There’s a Better Way to Train and We Want to Show You How!

Here at health1stgym, Slatyford, Newcastle with in the tyneside badminton centre

Your workouts should make you look and feel GREAT!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to get kill yourself every workout to get great results!

We at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle understand that training hard is important, but all that hard work is pointless if you don’t TRAIN SMART!

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The no pain no gain attitude results in people getting hurt regularly in gyms and boot camps across the country.


It’s the difference that makes the difference, would you agree?

One strength coach form America, Mike Boyle, once related training to farming. His concept was very thoughtful and made a lot of sense to our personal trainers at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle. Just think about it for a moment. If you want to have success with your crops or your garden, a lot of things need to take place in order for that to happen.

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Water, Sunlight, good Weather and Keeping Weeds, bugs from destroying the Plants

Hope you get the idea. This concept relates to training in the same sense. We need to make sure we’re getting the right kind of training in order for optimal results and success. Water, Nutrition, Sleep, quality movement and Exercise all need to be in balance. And that’s why our personal trainers at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle are bringing you our new approach to training.


Our program is going to help identify any potential weaknesses or imbalances that may be setting you back. Everyone is a little different, would you agree, so our approach will help us to customize your program to ensure you’re doing the right training to achieve your optimal results. This way we can improve your efficiency your Ability to do more work and your ability to see BETTER RESULTS!

Our personal trainers at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle are here for your success, here to support you. Give us a call to find out how you can see better results.