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How’s your movement health?


Have you ever had it checked?


Do you think your movement health is important?


At health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle our personal training team, have a screening system and an assessment to talk to you about your body.



We screen you first before exercising. Why?

If you fall below par in an opticians eye screen, they assess your eyes first before prescribing glasses.

Our health service does the same thing with your hearing, nose, throat and prostate.

The reasons we’ve gotten better at treating certain things are that ability to first screen and then assess those who fall below a certain level.


But when it comes to movement, either we overlook it and go straight to performance.

The Movement System is no different than a blood pressure test, the eye test or hearing test. If your blood pressure (movement screen) is not right, we’re not doing certain exercises today, it’s that simple.


How is that different than what we see in boot camps and your local health club?

Well from what I see, they are not performing eye screens.


What if you have a locked-up ankle, a scoliosis that doesn’t allow reciprocal patterns in running? Is exercise without a baseline screen going to help?




‘I’ve got low back pain. What exercises do you think I should do?’ Low back pain

is not a diagnosis. It’s a symptom.

 “You may have bone cancer”.

If you’ve got pain when you move, let’s get an assessment on that.

If you’re the one in 1,500 people who have bone cancer, I may have just saved your life.


Don’t ask for a fitness solution to a healthcare problem. There needs to be an evaluation process. If you’ve got pain when you move, let’s get an evaluation on that.


The movement analysis we perform at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle is not to see how well you can do.


It’s to see how you move; it’s our movement blood pressure test.


If you walk into our gym and you’re already in pain, the movement screen is not for you. It’s off to the treatment rooms where we will perform a full evaluation.


The movement analysis is our standard operating procedure to your movement health, “It’s our, are you ready to train”, we are not interested in engineering failures at health1stgym.


Our professional trainers are about safe, smart and effective programming.


At health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle our personal trainers are here to make your movement better.


First we make you move well, and then we get you to move often.