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“Without the necessary flexibility in the soft tissue, the athlete will generally, on must levels, perform at a poorer level and he or she will increase the risk of suffering from different soft tissue and joint pain/injuries in the future”

Dr Mike Leahy Active Release Technique founder

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“In my opinion disc involvement is over exaggerated and lower back pain involves functional imbalances in the locomotor system. (Movement system)

Karel Lewit Manipulative Therapy

Karl lewit

“Movement efficiency requires a combination of mobility and stability, achieving optimal fitness requires mobility, stability then strength and power”

Gray Cook Physical Therapist and founder of the functional movement screening

gray cook

Health1stgym slaytford Newcastle use movement screening to help you identify your dysfunctions before they become a problem.

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A restriction in soft tissue causes limitations and altered movement. Resulting in compensation, some structures working harder and differently than they are supposed to.

Restriction = compensation = altered movement = reinforced faulty motor patterns.

To effectively treat the soft tissue restriction we must find the specific tissue or tissues that are restricted and then perform specific movement to reinforce quality movement patterns.

Find your restrictions before they become a problem with our personal training team at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle


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