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At health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle our personal trainers are seeing an increase in clients coming in with Knee Pain so I thought I would investigate, here’s the fact’s I found.

The number of knee surgeries has increased by 150% in the last 4 years, why?

Is it just the rise in obesity?

Or is it related in other factors?

Could it be related to poor movement patterns?

Researches wanted to see if ankle restriction could affect the knee in squatting motion (getting in and out of a chair, sitting on the toilet, getting in and out of your car)

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What they found, when you reduce ankle mobility/flexibility the knee went valgus (knock knees), placing unnecessary strain on the knees.

This may explain why Women are almost twice as likely as men to have knee replacements, of the 9,438 knee replacement operations, 6,000 were for females, why? Are woman more obese than men or is there a biomechanics problem.

The width of the pelvis of females determines the size of the Q angle. Women have a wider pelvis than men have; therefore, the Q angle is greater in women than in men.

A knee replacement cost around £5,500, which last approximately 15 to 20 years most operation where perform on over 65s with arthritis a decade ago, now the NHS are performing knee replacements on under 40s with teenagers receiving knee replacements due to obesity. The question we should be asking is how many operations can we perform in ones life or how cost effective is this model.

Could some simple movement screening help reduce the cost, prevent knee surgeries and improve the lives of these individuals?

Here’s some things you can do and that our personal trainer believe in at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle,

Get a movement health screen,

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Improve tissue quality with Foam rolling/self stretching, it’s cheap and easy to perform

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Have regular Massage this is definitely a step up from foam rolling. A good pair of hands can get you moving and feeling better almost immediately.

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What to do now?

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