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Our personal trainers at Health1stGym, Slatyford Newcastle are


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Our Cutting Edge Training makes your movement clean and your body lean


Movement health training is groundbreaking, and something that most are unfamiliar with, but it is the foundation of training at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle. The term “you have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk”, comes to mind but most trainers are having you run and jump without the ability to crawl! It is imperative to build a solid functional base for your body to perform at your best. You can’t build a house on poor foundations.

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Our bodies are much less efficient with dysfunctional movement patterns. By using the movement health screen, we can find your weakest link and improve it; this will help accelerate your results in a safe, smart and efficient way.

As the leader in fitness education Paul Chek would say “If you’re Not Assessing You’re Guessing”

Without a screen, how do we know what exercises are right or wrong for you. With a movement health screen, we can narrow our plan of attack down to exactly what your body needs to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.

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You can’t get results if you are hurt. The movement health screen that our personal trainers use at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle allows us to see if you have pain with movement or movement patterns that need improved, this allows us to program the best workout possible to make sure that you stay pain free.

Our personal trainers at health1stgym Slatyford Newcastle will know whether your Program is working for you or if the training program is having a positive or negative effect on your baseline movement. This way you know what is happening with your own training program and movement health.

Don’t be a guesser find an assessor!

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