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Are you tired of hurting yourself when you’re trying to GET in shape at the gym??

Let me share with you a few stories and what we see at health1stgym on a daily bases and why we are committed to change this!!

Elaine 30 year old hairdresser, keen to get back into shape after having her first baby, puts on her training shoes and joins a boot camp, but after one week she develops such painful shins that she has to hobble into our clinic.

John 38year old overweight man decided to do something about it, he sets himself a goal of completing a half marathon. Two weeks into training, he suffers excruciating knee pain and turns up to the clinic door seeking help.

Stephaine 44year old female executive joins an exclusive gym to help with physical improvement and body transformation and soon into the program develops extreme shoulder pain.

As more and more people attempt to improve themselves, more and more will present to clinic doors limping and groaning to the therapist for help.

With more and more boot camps, low budget gyms opening on every corner, what we see is more and more opportunities for injuries. Exercise beginners are the most susceptible to injuries!

Why? The new fitness enthusiast embarks on fitness programs without first being evaluated, to find out their readiness for exercise or to find out their baseline.

That’s until now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Health1stGym is here to look after you, to help educate you and get the results you desire in a safe environment.

Our programs are not another fat blasting program, designed to tap into the New Year resolutions.

Our programs are designed to look at movement asymmetries or deficiency, we are looking for your minimum standard of movement, not to stop you exercising but making sure that the exercise you are performing is not harming you. (The idea of exercise is to improve your health while you train, play and have fun, isn’t it?)

For so long I have been seeing people in clinic with fitness related issues that I know could have been addressed earlier.

From a scientific stand point, if we observe a dysfunctional movement pattern, why would we want to move you on to a more complex movement pattern when your basic movement patterns aren’t competent?

The best of the best trainers and coaches know the importance of quality movement, if you want to make changes to yourself, for the better, your next move should be to call health1stGym.

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