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Self-employed practitioner at NIHP Newcastle/Durham

From a young age I had an interest in sports and dance. This led me to a Dance Degree and the fitness industry. I have worked in a number of sport facilities, coaching different social groups and ages. As an instructor, I have noticed that people cannot fully perform and enjoy their activities due to a variety of pains and physical dysfunctions. As a supporting technique, I have introduced my clients to corrective exercises and massage. This I believe is a crucial component in correcting mobility and body alignment.

During this time I developed my interest in pain free function. When I became a Sports Therapist, I discovered that massage was a missing key to long term, pain free movement and a really significant part of my coaching. I researched mobility improvement in athletics and dance for my degree.

My hobby and passion is body fitness which led me to compete in my first fitness show in 2014.

If you’re passionate about moving well, feeling great and feeling the best you can, call and book a free 15 minutes informal chat with me and we will see how we can get you on the road to wellness.

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