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5 things that Successful People do to look and feel great on their holidays, That Others Don’t.

So what’s the difference between people who succeed with holiday fat loss and those who have a hard time? After being in the health and fitness field now for over 20 years and assisting hundreds of people over the years, I’ve noticed what successful clients do that the others don’t.

Here are a few traits of the most highly successful clients.

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No.1 they set goals

You have to know exactly what you are working for to stay motivated. It’s very important to set a specific long term and short term goal that you are trying to achieve.

Question we ask our clients at Health1stgym

Where do you want to go?

Lose weight is a weak goal, how much weight be specific.

How long do you have?

When do you want to lose it by, how much time per week do you have to exercise, how much time do you have per session.

Where are you now?

Lets set a baseline for so we can track and measure,

“what gets measured gets done”.

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NO.2 know your why

Knowing why is what keeps you motivated. Why do you want to work out and eat right?

What’s your purpose?

At health1stgym our why, is to improve your movement health, you may want to get in shape and we are here to make that happen but not at the price of losing your movement. We want to enhance the way you look, feel and move.

So what’s your purpose?

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No.3 They Have a Step By Step Plan

Mapping out a plan will give you a conscience plan of what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

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NO.4They Don’t Make Excuses

We will all have good and bad days, sometimes you just need that time away and even if you feel like you just can’t start, I am sure if I asked you to perform just one sit to stand every day you could achieve that and if we increased that each week I am 100% sure you will look and feel better.

Don’t look for the negatives look for the positive and believe me, you can overcome anything.

Don’t wait for the right time to start, or I have let it too late make the decision and start right away.

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NO.5They Are In for the Long Term

Permanent fat loss takes long term effort. You can’t expect to have rapid fat fast and keep it off. You can make huge results in a short time but understand it will come back, if you think that’s it I’ve do it.

It’s important that you have to have a nutrition plan you can stick to, it like this we at health1stgym could write you a detailed exercise program for an hour but if you only have 30 minutes to work out, then it’s no good. Eating is the same we could write a great diet but if you can’t follow it then it’s useless.

Eat right 80% of the time and exercise consistently and you will have great results I promise you that.


If you need more help with motivation, setting goals, or Setting a plan give us a call and see how we can help you.


Be happy, healthy and strong with health1stgm